I Hate Mornings like, a lot.


It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. Too long.

I’ve been so busy it’s hard to get anything done. I’m overly sleep deprived.

I just finished writing a guest blog post and it reminded me of how much I love blogging and how much I hate for it to take a backseat to my freelancing. It’s my truest form of self-expression.

Honestly, I almost didn’t write this. It’s 1 in the morning and I have to get up at 5 am to hit the gym before work.

God how I hate mornings! I often wonder if being a morning person it a learned trait or something you’re born with. I am hoping it will eventually become a habit because if not, I am royally screwed for life. I never grew out of that rolling out of bed at 2 pm phase that every teenager goes through. What I wouldn’t give to love waking up. It is literally the worst part of my day.

I guess I am hoping to give myself some inspiration that will help me get up other than my 10 alarms set in five minutes intervals. Most would think that’s enough to wake anyone up. Not me, I can sleep right through those puppies.

24 is a weird age. I now consider myself a real adult, and while it’s awesome, it’s equally as terrible. I yearn for the days of too much ice cream and 12-hour sleep schedules. However, the upside is this is only temporary.

That’s what keeps me going. I have come so far! Despite still having miles to travel, it’s amazing to see results of all my sleep-deprived hard work. It’s totally worth it because I know this won’t be forever. I have a brighter future ahead of me because of my hard work. It’s like a domino effect, seeing your hard work pay off makes you want to work harder.

I am incredibly exhausted most of my days. I totally wouldn’t recommend bypassing much needed R&R time, and if I didn’t have a vacation planned in October (25 days away!) I would make sure I have at least half of a day to myself to ensure my own mental stability. It is so important to stay mentally sound as well as physically! Burning it from both ends will surely leave you burnt out, needing multiple days, if not weeks of recovering. My 3-week vacation is the only reason for going pedal to the metal. When I come home, I am cutting my hours at my job to focus on writing, and to give myself some space to breathe!

Well, that’s all I have for now. A pretty anti-climatic blog post after two weeks of silence. Remember to push on and take care of yourself in the process!


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